Skin Care

Something that always helps me feel my best is having a clean face. Personally, a clean face typically involves a good shave. It exfoliates the skin, and on a personal level, prevents me from looking like Spencer Pratt from The Hills… you know, with the fleshy colored beard.

As far as shaving goes, I think the trick lies in the prep work. I always try to have a sharp razor and a hair trimmer. Trimming is important because it reduces drag while shaving. After trimming, I use a washcloth and run it under super hot water and rest it on my face for 2-3 minutes (or, if I’ve just showered beforehand, I let the hot water hit my face before getting out). This opens my pores, which also reduces pull.


This next step is crucial to reducing razor burn. I RUB & MASSAGE shaving cream into my face. I never just slap it on and start going at it. *If you experience razor burn more frequently, try adding coconut oil after your hot towel and before the shaving cream.*

I tend to do medium-short length strokes. Some people recommend shaving “against the grain” to elongate my shave by getting closer to the hairs. I don’t do this because my hair grows slow and it’s blonde so I don’t get a 5 o’clock shadow.


After I’m done shaving, I splash my face with cold water and pat dry. And yes, I said “pat dry,” because rubbing a towel across your skin can actually cause irritation (especially after having just shaved).

Lastly, I use cucumber water or aloe-vera on my face (yes, the stuff in a big green bottle your mom used to rub on your back when you got sunburnt). This helps red pigmentation, especially if you’re like me and have rosacea; the green tint helps reduce visible redness. If my face still feels dry after that, I use coconut oil on my neck and more aloe to my face as needed. I tend to avoid coconut oil in the “T Area” of my face (the T zone being your nose and forehead) because it’s on the thicker side and tends to clog pores.

What are steps you use or products you love that are a part of your normal skin care routine? Let me know the in the comments— Let’s talk!

x, jack

Contributing Editor: Malena Larsen